Top 10 Pets Requiring Least Care

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6. Mice

Mice are one of the easiest pets to care for and they don’t require much space for their habitat. Normally, female mice prefer to group themselves together and children will find joy while watching the mice play around.


7. Leopard Geckos

Among all the pet reptiles, leopard geckos are the easiest to care for and are also more readily available than the other types of pet lizards. Leopard geckos are docile and can be handled with ease.


8. Sea Monkeys

These has got to be one of the easiest pets although you can’t do much with them after you have grown tired watching them swim. Nonetheless, it makes it exciting caring for these creatures especially when they already start to take their human like form.


9. Snakes

Snakes are also getting to be popular pets mainly because of their low maintenance requirement. These pets are also docile and are odorless, making them the top choice for people who are very tight when it comes to unusual animal smell.


10. Parakeet
parakeet closeup

The common parakeet is probably the best pick when we consider the ideal pet for our children. They require much smaller space than the larger birds and will not take much of your time for their maintenance needs.

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