Top 10 Ways to Quit Smoking

There comes a time, when smoking, like any bad habit, needs to be kicked. Fortunately, nowadays there are more than one ways to help one overcome this addiction, besides relying on a strong will. Here are the top 10 was to help smoker become Nicotine free.


1. List


Make a list of all the reasons why you want to quit smoking, as well as the benefits of becoming smoke free. Make several copies and place them in strategically places, where you will be constantly reminded and motivated to kick this destroying habit to the curb.


2. Support group


Find a person; relative, friend or a co-worker who would share this experience with you. It always helps to talk to someone who already went, or going through the same experience then you do. Interference is one of the stages to help an addict to reach a positive outcome, warn your support member upon any craving that you might have, positive reassurance and reminder will bring you back to the goal that you have already set for yourself.


3. Break the pattern


Do you have a certain time of the day, or a place that reminds or influences you to inhale that bitter tasting smoke into your lungs? You need to make changes into your every day routine, try to avoid places and people who might trigger your need to light up.


4. Replacement


Nicotine addiction is considered to be one of the most memorable and pleasant, for when you inhale the smoke, it sends the pleasure signals into your brain. In order to avoid blues and mood swings try to replace the time you spend smoking with a hobby or activity that gives you satisfaction.


5. Positive reinforcement


With all the money you now have left you need to spoil yourself and indulge in things and activities you though you could never afford. Try taking vocal classes, Bunge jumping, spa going, expensive car driving. These kind of incentives would sure give you adrenalin rush as well as the motivation to stay on track.


6. Nicotine replacement therapy


It is one of the ways to help your body overcome those powerful cravings that your brain so persistently sending out. NRT is one of the ways to obtain nicotine from other then smoking form. It comes in patches, inhaler or lozenge. The variety helps to alternate from one to the other in order to help a smoker overcome the withdrawing symptoms.


7. Bupropion


It is a powerful atypical antidepressant also known as Zyban or nicotine antagonist, which helps smoker to reduce nicotine cravings as well as stabilize the mood.  In 2007 research have shown that Bupropion serves as a powerful smoking cessation aid.


8. Naturopathic medicine


There is 5 known traditional remedies to help quit smoking. The first one, acupuncture, a hair -thin needles inserted into the strategical points to enhance one’s ability to overcome the addiction and stimulate acupuncture points. Second, an herb called Lobelia helps to fight Nicotine withdrawal and found in many anti-smoking products. The third herb called St. Johns wort, although primary used for depression often prescribed to help stabilize the mood of a person trying to quit smoking. The fourth- the root called Ginseng, helps to prevent the nicotine-induced release of the neurotransmitter dopamine. As a part of the addiction process dopamine sends “pleasure” signals after smoking. The fifth- Valerian, is another powerful antidepressant, which not only fights the withdrawal symptoms, but rather works as a mood stabilizer. Combined together those 5 naturopathic elements create a positive reinforcement in one’s attempts to live a healthier lifestyle.


9. Hypnotherapy


Although the effectiveness of this method is still being research, some pilot studies have suggested that combined with medical  and behavioral therapy it helps patient to relieve the stress caused by nicotine withdrawal. Hypnotherapy sessions can be performed in therapist’s office or at home with audio or video CD.


10. Don’t quit when quitting


Many people consider a failure and feel discouraged, when facing a relapse, on a contrary, sometimes it takes several attempts to finally get rid of the habit. The main focus should be on getting through one day at a time smoke and nicotine free.

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