Top 10 Countries with the Least Population

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Let us take a close look at the list top 10 least densely populated territories and countries.


1. Greenland, Denmark


Population density: 0.026 people/km2
Greenland is an ice-covered territory between the Atlantic and the Artic Oceans. It is located at the northeastern part of Canada and is considered as the world’s biggest island. Greenland is an autonomous province of Denmark.


2. Falkland Islands, UK


Population density: 0.25 people/km2
The Falkland Islands is an archipelagic territory composed of 2 major island and 776 small islands located in the Southern part of the Atlantic Ocean. It is a self-governing territory under the control of the United Kingdom.


3. Sahara, Morocco


Population density: 1.3 people/km2
Western Sahara is located in North Africa and is bordered by Morocco on the North end, Mauritania on the south and east and Algeria on the northeast portion. About 440,000 people inhabit a territory that is the size of New Zealand.


4. Mongolia


Population density: 1.7 people/km2
Mongolia is sandwiched between China in the East-Central Asian region and Russia. It is known as the world’s independent country that is least densely populated.


5. French Guiana, France


Population density: 2.1 people/km2
French Guiana is an overseas independent territory and one among the 26 overseas regions of France. It is located on the northern tip of South America.


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