Top 10 Lizards as Pets

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6. Green Iguana

The green iguana is both an appealing and interesting pet animal. This type of lizard require special kind of rearing, thus, it requires a minimum experience level. It can get quite large at full maturity and pet owners must be properly trained when caring this kind of lizard.


7. Crested Gecko

The crested gecko was once thought to be extinct. It is now one of the most popular pet lizards nowadays. The crested gecko does not require any special care and treatment and is ideal for both the beginners and regular exotic pet lovers. A fully grown crested gecko can measure 17 inches in length.


8. Chameleons

Chameleons are generally described as intriguing and exotic pets. This is the perfect pet for those who enjoy watching colorful reptiles. They are easily recognizable by their characteristic long tongues, independently moving pair of eyes and their fused foot digits.


9. Savannah Monitor

Savannah monitors are generally described as large and intelligent reptiles and are easily tamed. Savannah monitor is also a highly sought after exotic pet by animal keepers. Make sure that these lizards are kept safe from dogs and cats as these two domesticated animals are known predators of savannah monitor.


10. Water Dragons

Water dragons round up our list of most popular pet lizards. These are pet lizards with longer life span. They are usually colored in a combination of beige, brown and gray tones. This is the natural defense mechanism of this type of lizard against their predators.

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