Top 10 Insurance Companies 2009

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6. Prudential Financial, United States – $39.70 B

Prudential Financial is a leading insurance company that specializes on financial protection and property management. It has strong presence in countries in Asia, Latin America and Europe. Its head office is located at Newark, New Jersey.


7. MetLife, United States – $37.94 B


MetLife is one of the leading financial and insurance companies in the US. Its international operations a comprehensive package of financial protection and asset management services for individual and corporate accounts in Latin America, Europe and Asia.


8. Aviva, United Kingdom – $33.10 B

Aviva is the leading insurance company in UK and number 8 globally when it comes to market value. The company offers comprehensive financial protection and property management services. It also has presence in several countries which include major subsidiaries in Poland and The Netherlands.


9. Munich Re Group, Germany – $30.99

Munich Re Group is the second German insurance company that is included in our circle of leading insurance companies. Munich Re Group is the leading risk carrier with a strong global presence. It has existing operations in Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, and North and South America.


10. Aegon, The Netherlands – $26.40 B

Aegon is the leading Dutch insurance company. It specializes in financial protection and property management. It also has overseas operation in the United States, Taiwan, Philippines, Mexico, Canada, Hong Kong and several countries in Western Europe.

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