Top 10 Interesting Books to Read This Summer

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6. Random Deaths and Custard – by Catrin Dafydd

Sam Jones is an ordinary girl living having an extra ordinary life – she is escaping random deaths throughout her life. She escapes a serious accident under the kitchen cupboard, faints after tripping on the bus and then almost dies from a choked fish finger until a total stranger rescues her. Random Deaths has been written with a touch of humor, love and some really good laughs.


7. Wild – by Jay Griffiths

Wild is essentially Jay’s childhood ride in search of wilderness. Jay took seven long years to complete this work and gave it everything she had – time, money and lots of effort. ‘Wild’ is a stunning book on many planes – its arousing, enriching, and richly sprinkled with esoteric philosophy.


8. Season of the Witch – by Natasha Mostert

Season of the Witch is the evocative tale of a person who is pulled into the mystifying life of two gorgeous witch sisters proficient in the Art of Memory.   A murder story coupled with elements of romance, Season of the Witch is purely original in its ideas.


9. The Concrete Dragon: China’s Urban Revolution And What It Means For The World – by Thomas J. Campanella

The Concrete Dragon is an urban planning professor’s view on China’s rapidly expanding urban expansion. Concrete Dragon is full of confounding figures (like in 2003 alone, China put up 28 billion sq. ft. of housing!). This book achieves in presenting the incredulous Chinese growth story.


10. Visioning and Visualization: People, Pixels, and Plans – by Michael Kwartler and Gianni Longo

Full of life with the large color images, the book succeeds in providing an insight about the authors’ key ideas – the importance of visuals in planning and the general society. The book is a superb guide on how one can visualize and implement visuals using modern techniques.


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