Top Ten Upcoming Summer 2009 PC Games

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6. Wolfenstein

A remake of the original ‘Wolfenstein’, this one is during the second world war when Nazi Germany was  at the height of its might. Details have not been revealed after the initial plot narrative but reports say that Wolfenstein will feature a real world and a parallel dimension, a new concept in PC games.


7. Diablo 3

Controversy has always surrounded the Diablo franchise but the road to Diablo 3’s release seems clear at the moment. An action-RPG which features Havok physics, destructible environments, energetic visuals, and huge range of computer configurations, action gamers are still keeping their fingers crossed for its release.


8. The Sims 3

Continuing the immensely popular Sims franchise, Sims 3 has a whole plate of exciting developments and tweaks after the Sims 2 expansions. Players can live out 11 careers and a better Create-A-Sim feature allows players to adjust everything about a Sim and it’s environment.


9. Splinter Cell: Conviction

Yet another release which is jinxed with unexpected delays, Splinter Cell: Conviction was initially being released in 2007. The sequel continues the story of, Sam Fisher. With extraordinary visuals and an improved stealth gameplay, Ubisoft plans to make Splinter Cell: Conviction the ultimate Tom Clancy game.


10. Deus Ex 3

After the poor performance of Deus Ex 2 last year, not much has yet been disclosed about DX 3 by the publishers except that the game will have major improvements from previous versions in terms of reality and visual gameplay. Even the core gaming engine is being revamped to give DX 3 a new feel.

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