Top – 10 Tallest People in the 20th & 21st Centuries

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6. Zhao Liang

Living as a circus performer in Henan China, Zhao is believed by many to be the tallest man living today, surpassing Leonid Stadnyk, who has not really been accurately measured. He was originally a basketball player, but that career had to be cut short due to an injury to his foot. Presently he earns his living by the playing the saxophone and the flute in a circus in China.


7. Vaino Myllyrinne

The tallest Finn ever, standing at 8’1”, he was an active soldier in the Finnish Army. At the age of 21 he stood at 7’.3.5”, but in his late thirties he had a second spurt of growth and grew to be over 8’ in height. When he died in 1963, he was recorded as the tallest soldier that ever lived.


8. Gabriel Estevao Monjane

From the year 1988 till his death in 1990, Gabriel was officially the world’s tallest man at 8’1”. Born and brought up in Mozambique, he also earned his living by performing in a Portuguese circus. He is believed to be the tallest African ever.


9. Suleiman Ali Nashnush

A Libyan by birth, at 8’.1/2’ he was the tallest man who ever played  basketball. One of the few very tall people who underwent surgery to check his exponential growth, he lived life as a player and as a bit actor in films. He had the unique privilege of doing a small role on one of Fredrico Fellini’s films. He died at the age of 1991 in Tripoli in Libya.


10. Gogea Mitu

He was a Rumanian Boxer and achieved a great deal of fame not only due to his extraordinary height of 7’9” but also due to his prowess as a boxer. Nicknamed then “Giant of Marsani”, he was trained by the famous scout Umberto Lucia, who also later became his manager. His enormous appetite was a matter of great interest to everyone, since he was known to consume 2 lbs of bread, two dozen eggs, 2 litres o9f milk and at least 2 lbs. Of chicken for lunch, not counting the sweets and half a litre of wine. His custom made bed was `11 feet long and 6.6”wide.


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