Top 10 Greatest Michael Jackson’s Music Videos

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Michael Jackson will always be a bigger star in death and he is expected to reach unparalleled greatness with his songs that will remain as treasures to his millions of followers for generations to come. The music videos of Michael Jackson will always be a cut above the rest of the pack. What follows is our list of the Top 10 Greatest Michael Jackson Videos which have defined the course of the MTV scene and the musical entertainment scene as a whole.


1. Thriller


This title track is the hands down choice as the top Michael Jackson MTV. The video concept, overall execution and crafty song make it as the standard of music videos even up to the present times. It is unarguably the best ever MTV of the times.


2. Beat It


Hugging at the coat tails of Thriller is this music video of Michael Jackson where the Pop legend gets to showcase his dancing prowess and amazing charisma.  It easily one of the best videos of Michael Jackson and has been the inspiration of a lot of other subsequent MTVs even up to today.

3. Scream


Even with the slew of topnotch music videos, Scream comes out on top of the rest as it is one of those times that the King of Pop gets to collaborate with her sister Janet in delivering a truly grand performance on video. This is the most expensive music video that was ever produced.

4. Bad


This music video is easily the quintessential Michael Jackson in his best form ever. This video will always be remembered by the very strong image of Jackson as he is surrounded by a band of bad guys. This is one of those instances that we cannot fault Michael for being ‘bad.’


5. Remember the Time


After a series of so-so performances, Jackson again delivers with one creation that has the distinctive trademark of the Pop sensation. This is where we will get to see a young Eddie Murphy joining the Pop icon in a music video with ancient Egypt theme. He plays the pharaoh in this video.


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