Top 10 Most Fuel Efficient Cars

Hybrids by their very nature are highly fuel efficient vehicles, hence there is a preponderance of them in this list. The average mileage is calculated from equal portions of city and highway driving.


1. Toyota Prius


Estimated 46 mpg – The most popular hybrid of the lot, it has a great hatchback body and a Buck Rogers interior. Practical and roomy, it offers a lot of amenities and enough space for a family of five. Only slightly higher in price than a mid-size sedan, it offers the best fuel economy of all vehicles.


2. Honda Civic Hybrid


Estimated 42 mpg – This hybrid combines Honda Civic’s style and functionality with amazing fuel economy. Priced fairly higher than a normal Civic, it is a normal 5 seat sedan with electric motors, combined with much needed savings on gasoline.


3. Smart fortwo


Eestimated 36 mpg – A rear-engine two-seater car, Smart fortwo is an inexpensive car, small enough for two and even comes in a convertible model. A great way to save fuel and money. Fortwo is the most fuel-efficient vehicle in the two-seater class.


4. Nissan Altima Hybrid 


Estimated 30 mpg (manual), 29 mpg (automatic) – A mid-size sedan, it is more sportier than most hybrids, and yet has the heart of a big car. Among mid-size cars it is the best option for those who are looking to save fuel, and yet have a car large enough for a small family.


5.Toyota Camry Hybrid

2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid

Estimated 34 mpg – Camry lovers will love this new version, cause it combines the beauty and styling of the original Camry with fuel economy and money saving.  It has a larger engine than the Prius , ordinary tires and a familiar shape. But it gives 35% more on a gallon of gas.


6. Volkwagen Jetta TDI


Estimated 34 mpg (manual) 33 mpg (automatic) – Owners of this practical, fun to drive and cool car report much higher fuel economy figures than the EPA figures. The tax credits on the TDI combined with the fuel economy figures make it a very effective purchase option. Running on diesel, it’s fuel economy is a 40% improvement on the gas powered version.


7. Ford Escape Hybrid

2008 Ford Escape Hybrid

Estimated 32 mpg – Though it cannot really be called a car, this Ford SUV is the most fuel efficient of them all, along with the Mercury Mariner and the Mazda Tribute. It’s fuel economy is equivalent to that of other mid size cars, and it has an excellent Hybrid engine. A phenomenal but underestimated vehicle, it does well even on low speeds.


8. Toyota Corolla


Estimated 30 mpg (manual) 31 mpg (automatic) – Among non-hybrids the Corolla is believed to be one of the most fuel efficient cars. The new Altis version of 2009 has been made roomier, better looking and much more reliable. It has greater fuel economy figures than most compacts.


9. Mini Cooper


Estimated 32 mpg (manual) 29 mpg (automatic) – The tiny-sized exterior hides a spacious interior. It has always been a fun to drive car and also highly fuel efficient. The base – model is the most fuel efficient, but the other two models are also great on fuel economy, even though they use premium gas.


10. Honda Fit


Estimated 32 mpg (manual)  31 mpg (automatic) – One of the best mini-cars to hit the world, it’s most popular feature is its ability to adjust the back seats and the trunk bay in many ways, to accommodate family and cargo. Add to this its economy figures and its flexibility, and we have a great small car.

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    Look out side of the USA and you will see diesels that will smash every car on this list.


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