Top 10 Business Lies

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6. Capability to Deliver


If a person claims that they are the only one capable of doing or delivering something, then it is an indication that you have to consider your other options. This is plain arrogance and the person is engaged with hard selling.


7. Short Period or Promo Deadline


Once the businessman sets a deadline or establishes a timeline within which you have to react, then in all probability he is just resorting to a sales technique that creates a false sense of urgency in order to force you to act immediately on their business proposal.


8. Weak or Non-existent Competition


No one will ever admit that their competition is strong or better than them. The statements about non-existent or weak competition are designed to discourage you from even considering them.


9. Topnotch Management Team


Humility is never a trait of business. As businesses have to project a progressive and strong image, they will always claim that they have the best possible management team this side of town.


10. Small Area Left to Cover


This is a standard statement of businessmen who want to paint a scenario that his business is almost about to hit its targets and there are just a few things that are needed to be done in order to bring the project to its conclusion.

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