Top 10 Greatest Michael Jacksons Songs

With the early curtain call for king of pop, it is just but fitting that we remember him by coming up with the Top 10 Michael Jackson songs. Here is our list of Michael Jackson’s contribution to the music industry.


1. Beat It


The song is the highlight of the King of Pop’s unique ability to bridge the divergent moods and genres of music. It is dominated by musical elements that are both spooky and intense. The song is unmistakably rock in every aspect yet we can’t help but dance to its tune. It is by far the best of Michael Jackson.


2. Man in the Mirror


With the slew of offerings in his musical collection, most of us might fail to take due notice of this creative genius of Jackson. This simple and distinct mid-tempo offering from his ‘Bad’ album release is probably one of the best when it comes to showcasing his powerful vocals which is rendered to deliver a social message. It will also be remembered as one of those instances where a gospel choir is successfully involved in creating a pop song.


3. I Want You Back


Only the cold-hearted individuals can hear this song and not be drawn to the dance floor. The near perfect chord progression of this song of Jackson 5 is probably be the primary reason why this song makes it to the circle of the best of the best of Michael Jackson. If you want to discover the whimsical and carefree sound that typifies the Michael Jackson in his twenties, then this song is your best bet.


4. Billie Jean


No other song of Michael Jackson comes close to this one in terms of endurance despite the major changes in the musical landscape. If Quincy had his way, this song would not have made it to the ‘Thriller’ release as he hated the major element of the song which is the bass line. It was inspired by an actual incident where an unnamed woman has accused Jackson of fathering her two children. It will also be remembered as one of the first songs that were ever made for MTV by a black artist.


5. Never Can Say Goodbye


This has got to be the strongest indication that Jackson is going to be a musical legend. At age 12, he easily outperforms and outshines his siblings with the impeccable clarity and power of his vocals.


6.  Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough


This is the first ever pure Michael Jackson song. It was the first opportunity for the Pop legend to have a full control of his song both as a songwriter and as a singer. Though it came out during the waning days of the disco era, Jackson was still able to deliver a performance that is not even a bit outdated.


7. Wanna Be Startin’ Something


This Jackson song is a perfect opener for the ‘Thriller’ album. The song revs up the energy but still maintains the general perspective of the overall character and grand agenda of the offering.


8. We Are The World


If only for the social relevance and meaning, this collaborative song release by Michael Jackson and other known musical legends deserves it eminent spot in our top 10 list. The song was a collaborative creation of the Pop legend and Lionel Richie and his spot at the 2:40 mark proves that among the best of the best, Michael Jackson still takes top spot with his unmatched musicality and talent.


9. I’ll Be There


Following three danceable and upbeat songs, The Jackson siblings come with their first ever serious ballad. This song was a result of the Jackson 5’s collaboration with Berry Gordy.


10. Ben


This song will always be in every list of the best of Michael Jackson. This song, which was originally offered to Donnie Osmond, was a perfect illustration of the musical superiority of Jackson even at a very tender age of 14 years old.


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  1. leandra rodriguez

    Favorites but i love them all 🙂 forever!

    1)Will you be there?

    2)Black or White

    3)You are not alone

    4)Human Nature

    5)Heal the world

    6)The way you make me feel




    10)Gone to soon



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