Top 10 Walt Disney Animated Movies

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A lot of credit goes to Walt Disney for his ingenuity and foresight that after about 70 years we continue to enjoy his masterpieces. With almost 50 animated releases by Walt Disney, we can come up with a long list of all-time greats as each of these Disney animated movies can be considered timeless masterpieces. Our list of top 10 greatest animated Disney movies is based on various variables that include public opinion, ratings by the AFI and IMBD and personal choice.


1. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

This animated movie easily takes the first spot in our list. It is considered by many of us as the greatest film animation and it has remained entrenched at the top position for the all-time animated movie greats. The animated film remains as dominant as it has been since its original release some 72 years ago.


2. Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

This animated movie could have taken the top spot if only it would have been considered under a different setting. The movie animation is credited for six Academy Awards which includes the Picture Award. It is important to note that it remains to be the only animated film that has won the best Picture plum to date. It completes the triumvirate of top grossing movies for 1991.


3. Pinnochio


This animated film release is Walt Disney’s second full length presentation and had to meet such high expectations as it tried to approximate if not duplicate the success of the Walt Disney’s initial offering, Snow White. The animated movie lived up to its initial billing and was even hailed as the most superior animated film in as far as technical aspects are concerned.


4. The Lion King

The Lion King

This animated film release easily fits the billing of a modern Walt Disney animation classic. It is considered as the most successful conventional film animation of all time and, in fact, held the record as the top selling film animation for nine years.


5. Fantasia


During its release, this Walt Disney production drew mixed reactions and reviews. It fared miserably in the box office and is one of the major failures of Walt Disney. This is one of the most ambitious projects that Disney has ever made and today it is considered as a Disney masterpiece.


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