Top 10 Best Value Cars

As we go through difficult time, rising prices, a slow economy and fuel debates,  automotive industry is also undergoing a prominent change. Below is a list of 10 best buy cars that you might want to consider if you are planning to get the most for your dollar and still be economical of fuel. These are not just cars, but also SUV’s, sports cars and luxury vehicles. The basis of the choice was their long-term and short term value.


1. Toyota Camry – Best Midsize Car


Well known for its comfortable ride, and spacious interiors, the Camry has been the best-selling car in the US for over 7 years. Internationally also it is one of Toyota’s flagship brands. It has a low entry price, and has long-term dependability, and among midsize cars it rules the roost.


2. Honda Fit – Best Sub Compact Car


Among affordable small cars, the Honda Fit is a clear winner. It does cost more than the other small cars, but it has great fuel efficiency, and a variable interior, thereby accommodating either cargo or passengers easily.


3. Hyundai Elantra – Best Compact Car


Frequently ranked as the best compact car, the Elantra has a low base price, and good value over time. It has a comfortable interior and numerous safety features and a strong warranty.


4. Toyota Highlander – Best Midsize Crossover


The best midsize crossover, the Highlander boasts of functional interiors, a family friendly car, and an affordable price. The new four cylinder option saves on fuel, and the seven air bags are a welcome additional safety feature.


5. Lexus RX – Best Luxury Crossover


Normally in a luxury car we do not seek value for money, but the Lexus RX is definitely one of the largest selling SUV’s in its section due to its good value. Luxurious interiors, a fabulous reputation for delivering quality and value, and powerful performance are its hallmarks.


6. Chevrolet Tahoe – Best  Fullsize  SUV


For families who need a large amount of seating,  inclement weather driving facilities and towing facilities, the Tahoe is a must-buy. It is easy to drive and surprisingly light on its feet.


7. Mazda Miata – Best  Sportscar


The Miata is a two-seater roadster sportscar, which has an impressive reliability history. Listed as the best-selling convertible sportscar in history, it combines the virtues of comfort with the joy of speed.


8. Lexus GS – Best Luxury Car


If you are looking for a luxury car, you cannot go wrong with a Lexus GS. An amazingly comfortable car, its drive smoother than most other luxury cars. It also has the best long-term value over all luxury cars.


9. Toyota Sienna – Best Minivan


A safe, comfortable and reliable car, it has a great deal of engine power for its size. It also provides great value for money in its class, and combines versatility with utility.


10. Toyota Tacoma – Best Compact Pickup Truck


This truck has been on the award winning list for many years. It combines the interiors of a car with the practicality of a truck. Its standard safety features make for a very strong road and off-road performance.


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