Top 10 Unconventional Ways to Save Energy

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1. Car Pools and Public Transport

public transport

Being part of a carpool can help you save a lot of energy and money within weeks. Try to make your relatives and friends a part of neighborhood car pools. Otherwise, try to use more of public transport services such as buses and trams. This smart tip also helps people in creating a wider social network over time because one tends to meet newer people through car pools and public transport services.


2. Shop Carefully

Energy Star

Buy appliances which are Energy Star rated as these help in reducing your energy costs compared to other appliances which are not rated. Buy energy saving CFLs which use just one fourth of the energy consumed by a bulb.


3. Plant a Tree

Plant Tree

Trees can help combat carbon emissions better than anything else. Try to plant trees in your neighborhood as often as possible.


4. Drive Intelligently

Drive Intelligently

Keep your vehicles tuned and ensure that all parts are working efficiently as this saves on running costs. Check for flat tires, fuel spillages etc and when you want to buy a new car, go for a fuel efficient one. Vehicles are one of biggest sources of carbon emissions.


5. Switch to Reusable Energy

Reusable Energy

Install solar panels to heat up your house and water in the winters. Solar cookers can help people in places which face electricity problems and the best part is – solar energy is free and unlimited.


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