Top 10 Greatest Automotive Inventions

If we are to assess how far we have gone in making our existence comfortable and safer then we can only look at the upgrades and improvements that have been made on the automotive industry. Here is our list of the top 10 greatest automotive improvements and inventions.


1. Computerized systems for engine control

engine control

A lot of us complain about how far we can trouble-shoot cars nowadays because of these computerized systems. However, these innovations in the automotive industry have done much in independently managing a myriad of performance variables in our car and keeping it running at full efficiency.


2. Electric Powered Car Cooling System

Car Cooling System

The cooling system of the older vehicles is comprised of a fan that is directly attached to the car engine and runs continually even during start up where the engine is relatively cool and needs warming up. On the other hand, this modern system is activated only when the temperature of the coolant rises and automatically shuts off as soon as the temperature goes down.


3. Direct Fuel Injection

Fuel Injection

This modern electronic fuel injection replaced the carburetor of old vehicles. This old analog device was replaced by the modern fuel injection that operates under the digital platform. It provides reliability and high performance in managing the proper volume of fuel that gets into the engine under different operating situations.


4. Electronic Car Ignition System

Car Ignition

Some people had some trouble handling and managing this system of their car as it is difficult to diagnose and is costly to repair. Nonetheless, this improvement in the car has proven its functionality and importance as it is a lot more efficient and dependable than the conventional breaker-point ignition system.


5. Dual Hydraulics Braking System

Dual Hydraulics Braking

As far as car safety parameters are concerned, this innovation in the car brake system is in the top of our list. This modern car braking system comes with a secondary system that is activated in instances of failure in the main brake system. This innovative car braking system became a mandatory device for cars that were sold in the US since 1965.


6. Improved Alternators


The alternators have gone through a lot of improvements and the improved versions are more dependable, more efficient and replacements are a lot less expensive than their old counterparts.


7. Disc Brake System

Disc Brake System

This is another plus in the overall safety profile of the modern cars. This is now a standard feature of all modern cars and it has done a lot in making our cars a lot safer than ever before.


8. Hydraulic Brake System

Hydraulics Braking

For those who have experienced and seen how cable brakes operate, this system can be considered as the most essential car component. It is a good thing that this modern system braking system has been developed as you would not really want to entrust your life and limb with the old and unreliable cable brake system.


9. Shock Absorbers

Shock Absorbers

This car feature is to a larger extent focuses on passenger comfort and convenience. Nonetheless, modern automotive engineering led to the creation of modern shock absorbers that helped in the overall stability and control of vehicles.


10. Tubeless Tires

Tubeless Tires

With the advent of tubeless tires, car can now perform better in a wide variety of road surfaces. It has also made tire repair a lot easier than ever before.


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