Top 10 People who Changed the Course of History in the 20th Century

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6. Mao Zedong


Regarded by many in China as a political revolutionary and strategist and military mastermind, he ruled his nation with an iron hand for almost 30 years. He made his country into a world power but also left behind a legacy of a closed nation, and failed socialist policies.


7. Nelson Mandela


A symbol of the anti-apartheid movement, he spent 27 years in prison, and yet emerged from there as a leader and a pacifist. The first elected President of a fully represented democratic election, he lead his nation during the turbulent times of transition from a white rule to an all-inclusive regime.

8. Ho Chi Minh


He perfected the art of guerrilla warfare, his regime gave America its first defeat on foreign soil, and he prevented the French from continuing their colonization of Indo-China. Even though he died before the Vietnam War had ended, His legacy remains in the form of a unified Vietnam.


9. Sadaam Hussein


A man who ruled Iraq for over 24 years, he changed history by being responsible for one of America’s most controversial wars. Even though he led a very repressive regime, yet during his regime Iraq’s economy grew at a rapid pace. Vilified by many, and revered by some, he remains one of the most controversial figures of the 20th century.


10. Ayatullah Khomeini


A religious leader of immense eminence, he lead his nation against a brutal regime, and later with his open defiance of the West, he formed a new kind of religious government, and led to a tremendous revival of Islam in Iran. An ascetic religious leader, he is however better known for his political skills and his charismatic popularity in Iran, and elsewhere in the Middle East.

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