Top 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in the World

Waterfalls are one of the most beautiful natural formations and for this reason, they are often visited by tourists. Most waterfalls are surrounded in lush green forests and a healthy thriving flora and fauna still preserved from man made destruction. Waterfalls are so pleasing to the eye that these days, people are creating their own backyard or indoor waterfalls!
From the tallest waterfall to the widest, this list even has one which is famous for an upward water flow. Not only this but in several countries, waterfalls are responsible for running large hydroelectric power projects, thus supporting their economies. For this reason, man made waterfalls are also a common sight in many places. However, none of the waterfalls in this list are artificial, all of them have been created by Mother Nature and waterfalls are one of her best creations. Some of those included in this list are the famous Angel Falls in Venezuela, the Niagara Falls and the popular Victoria Falls of Africa.


1. Niagara Falls – Canada/USA

Niagara Falls

Located on the Canada/USA border, Niagara Falls isn’t the tallest or broadest waterfall. But it is widely considered as the most stunning natural fall on Earth and this has made it the most popular tourist destination. In fact, Niagara Falls is also known as the “Honeymoon Capital of the World”.


2. Angel Falls – Venezuela

Angel Falls Venezuela

At a height of 979 m, Angel Falls is world’s tallest permanent waterfall. It offers an out-of-the-world viewing experience to those who have seen it. Reaching the waterfall is difficult because it is unapproachable via road. One can only visit it on a boating or walking expedition.


3. Iguazu Falls – Argentina/Brazil

Iguazu Falls

One of the most beautiful and majestic waterfalls, Iguazu Falls is located on the Argentinean and Brazilian border. Consisting on about 275 disconnected cascades and waterfalls, these cover almost 2.5 miles in width and 269 feet in height. The natural forests surrounding the falls make it an even better sight.

4. Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe/Zambia

Victoria Falls

Easily Africa’s leading tourist attraction, Victoria Falls is truly the most beautiful waterfall on Earth. Not only are the water soaked green rain forests and lively African wildlife pleasing to the eye, but one can choose to participate in several adventure sports as well.

5. Gullfoss – Iceland

Gullfoss  Iceland

Europe’s largest waterfall and Iceland’s most beautiful, Gullfoss has been the center of several local folk tales and mysteries. The waterfalls also make up a part of the ‘Golden Circle’ – a group of geysers and hot water springs which is the most popular tourist attraction in the country.

6. Upside Down Falls – Oahu, Hawaii

Oahu upside Down Falls

Quite suggestive of the name,  Upside Down Falls starts normally from the top of Mount Konahuanui  in Hawaii but midway, strong winds force the mist backwards. This is one sight which no travel junkie would want to miss.

7. Nachi Falls – Japan

Nachi Falls

Perhaps Asia’s most visited and indeed, most beautiful waterfall falling from Mount Nachi in Japan, the Nachi Falls are part of 48 other cascades. At 400 feet, Nachi Falls is also Japan’s largest waterfall.


8.  Giessbach Waterfalls – Switzerland

Giessbach Waterfalls

Usually one can see the Giessbach Falls on European travel postcards as all the natural elements that Swiss beauty is known for are present here – crystal-clear lakes and snowy white mountain peaks surrounded in serene greenery.


9. Lower Falls (Yellowstone River, USA)

Lower Falls

The Lower Falls are at the edge of the Yellowstone river in the famed Grand Canyon of America. Known for offering a truly majestic view due to the size and volume of water that flows, Lower Falls is surrounded with Volcanic rocks and mountains.


10. Apsat River – Russia

Apsat River Water Falls

The Aspat River Falls are located in the frigid Kodar area of Russia. Travellers are often left wide-eyed and open jawed simply because these waterfalls have an unmatchable natural beauty. Due to a rough terrain, Stalin once had prison camps around this area.

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