Top 10 Endangered Species

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According to current U.S. census estimates, the human population is rising rapidly, touching almost 6.4 billion people worldwide and this is bad news for the animal population. Expanding cities, industrial infrastructure, urban lifestyles have driven energy and food needs to dangerous levels which if not controlled will destroy the natural habitats of these animals. We will lose these precious species as they are on the brink of extinction. The World Wildlife Federation estimates the following 10 species to be the top 10 endangered ones.


1. Black Rhino

Black Rhino

Mainly seen in Eastern and Southern Africa, the population of the Black Rhino has gone down by 90% since 1970 and now numbers just 3000. This animal species is killed mainly for their horns. Although a ban has been imposed on its hunting, poaching continues because of the huge requirement for Rhino parts in several countries.


2. Giant Panda

Giant Panda

Native to China, this rare animal also faces the threat of extinction. There are only 1,000 Pandas remaining in their natural habitat of China. Widespread poaching and the loss of its natural settings are the main reasons for the decline of Panda population.


3. Tiger


Tigers and their subspecies, which are largely found in the temperate regions such as Russian Far East and the tropical regions in Southeast Asia, are facing a deadly future. Owing to medicinal value of tiger bones in traditional Asian medicine and the high price fetched by tiger skin and other body parts, these animals have been reduced to just 6,000 due to poaching.


4. Beluga Sturgeon

Beluga Sturgeon

Native to the Caspian Sea, Beluga Sturgeon are known the world over for its highly valued caviar. Hence, the high prices fetched by the “pearl-like” caviar of these fishes and the excessive demand has influenced poaching and too much fishing in the Caspian. Only strict regulation of the caviar trade by the governing bodies can save them.


5. Goldenseal


Found in the North American hard wood forests, Goldenseal is a herb in huge demand across the world due to its natural healing properties. The ability to cure common ailments such as allergies and hemorrhoids has made it a favorite of naturopaths.


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