Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels

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For most of us, travel lodging would just include a bathroom, a bed and a TV. However, the rich and famous want lodging that encompasses entire floors of a hotel building. They would also prefer to have butlers and secretaries at their disposal. You can peek into the travel experience of the world’s most wealthy personalities through these hotels.

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1. The Atlantis, Bahamas

The Atlantis Bahamas

Costing  over $25,000 per night, this suite is the costliest one in the world. It is situated over a bridge in Paradise Island, Bahamas. The suite has ten rooms all of which are richly decorated in black, red and gold. Visitors can have access to the games and the bar lounge apart from other a lot of other facilities.


2. President Wilson Hotel, Geneva

President Wilson Hotel Geneva

This luxurious Hotel in Geneva gives as much importance to security as luxury. The hotel’s Imperial Suite is really worth a visit for those who can afford the price. For a one night stay, the cost comes to over $23,300. This suite is widely chosen by leaders and state heads traveling from other countries as it is in close proximity to the headquarters of the U.N.


3. Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Burj Al Arab Dubai

Costing 18,000 for a night’s stay, the Burj Al Arab’s Royal Suite in Dubai, UAE has marble floorings, rotating beds and mahogany furniture. Visitors have endless possibilities for enjoyment at the many entertainment centers here. They can also have their own private elevators apart from a helicopter or a chauffeur driven Rolls Royce car.


4. The Plaza Hotel, New York

The Plaza Hotel New York

The Presidential Suite in the Plaza Hotel in New York occupies a large area and overlooks the beautiful Central Park. It would cost you $15,000 for a one night stay at the suite. Unique aspects of this suite include the silk draperies and the paintings on the walls that showcase the French countryside.

5. Westin Excelsior, Rome

Westin Excelsior Rome

This hotel in Rome is famous for its Jacuzzi pool and eye catching frescoes. For a one night stay in the suite, you will have to pay $14,950/-. The suite has an extra terrace and balcony space and the hall has allegories of mythological figures which add beauty to the overall interior decoration of the suite.


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