Top 10 Luxury Yachts

Floating mansions or super yachts offer every comfort and accommodation to make your travel experience, memorable. The wealthiest people in the world usually travel in super yachts that feature multiple swimming pools, helipads, a complete staff and other facilities designed using the updated nautical technology. The following are the top 10 super yachts that have been designed by those who wish to support the lifestyles of the rich and the famous.

1. Carinthia VII

Carinthia VII

The German retail giant, Heidi Horton owns the Carinthia VII which was purchased in 2003 for €150 million. The super blue colored yacht is 319 feet in length. It has a cruising speed of 26 knots and can often be found at her home berth in the International Yacht Club of Antibes (IYCA).


2. Octopus

Octopus Yacht

Octopus spans 413 feet long and is owned by the billionaire of Microsoft, Paul Allen. It coasted him €250-€300 million to build the yacht in 2003. The distinct feature of this super yacht is its submarine facility which is available onboard. The yacht can also host two helicopters, seven smaller boats, a 10-person submarine and offers complete luxury in travel.


3. Rising Sun

Rising Sun Yacht

With a length of over 452 feet, this yacht has 8 large rooms. This luxury yacht is owned by both famed producer David Geffen and Larry Ellison, Oracle CEO. The yacht has a large living space apart from other facilities such as a helipad, basketball court, a movie theater etc.

4. Lady Moura

Lady Moura

Spanning 344 feet in length and constructed in 1991 for an engineer of the Saudi royal family this super yacht has a beach deck which can allow travelers to relax on beach chairs, tables etc.

5. Pelorus


Bought by Lurssen in 2003, this yacht measures 377 feet in length! A distinct feature of this super yacht is its green lights which makes photography of the yacht difficult.

6. Limitless


Measuring about 315 feet long, this is a mega American owned yacht which was purchased in 1997 by Leslie Wexner for €100 million. Many modifications have taken place on the vessel to include a gymnasium facility.


7. Ecstasea


Built at a cost of €100 million for Roman Abramovich, this super yacht has an Asian décor and measures about 282 feet in length. The wall paneling, bamboo furniture and marble flooring are the unique features of this luxury yacht. Guests can also avail facilities such as sauna, Turkish bath, disco and other facilities on this yacht which also has a retractable helipad.

8. Ice


Ice was built in 2005 by Tim Heywood to be an environmental friendly super yacht. Owned by Suleiman Kerimov, Ice has a superb waste water management system and is the first vessel of its kind to have Azipod propulsion technology from ABB. The vessel is partly electric. The two big diesel engines have been replaced with 8 electric generators. The vessel is designed in such a way that it remains the cleanest super yacht on the blue seas even today.

9. Princess Mariana

Princess Mariana

Measuring up to 258 feet in length, Princess Mariana was constructed in 2003. It was purchased for €70 million. The Mariana has all the amenities that one would usually see in a 7 star penthouse or a super luxury hotel.


10. KOGO


Constructed in 2006, this luxury yacht design was the brain child of Tim Heywood. Being 235 feet long, the yacht has 5 suites which can accommodate 12 guests. The yacht has a beauty therapy/massage room, spacious living area, an excellent dive room, hospital room which is fully equipped and a big Jacuzzi dip pool having jet stream.

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