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Who can ever question the benefits that how-to videos provide to us all. One can now work on practically anything just like the professional do by simply referring to these instructional videos. Here is out list of top 10 how-to videos in terms of recent popularity and effectiveness as recorded by viewers.


1. How to Create a $95-Torch from an ordinary $5-Flashlight


Serious followers and fans of do-it-yourself projects that show how we can turn ordinary items into functional and high-value products must check out Kip Kay’s tutorial on how one can convert an ordinary flashlight into a LED torch.


2. How to Enhance WiFi Signal Using Tinfoils


You can easily kick up the performance of your Wi-Fi router by outfitting it parabolas that are made out of tin foils. You can check out the tutorials shown at DL.TV and learn how you can enhance the signal of your routers so that it reaches even the basement of your home. It is a simple project that will only require tinfoil, paper and glue.


3. How to Pick Locks Using Bump Keys


You can learn the secrets on how you can pick locks especially during emergency situations. This video tutorial practically shares everything that you need to learn as far as this particular skill is concerned.


4. How to Replace or Upgrade the Memory of your MacBook

How To Replace RAM Macbooks

This instructional video of Adam Pash is a walk through on the simple procedure that has to be followed in upgrading the memory of your MacBook. Once you closely follow the steps as outlined in this how-to video you will surely be surprised at how simple this job is.


5. How to Start with Photoshop

Start with Photoshop

This instructional video done by Donnie Hoyle will teach you how to get yourself started with Photoshop. The how-to video tackles important topics that include dodge & burning, cloning and other essential touch-up techniques.


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