Top 10 Greatest Movies with Apocalyptic Theme

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6. 28 Days Later


The movie plays to the fullest all the primal fears known to men with a disturbing scene of waking up to world that is suddenly gone. It tackles this daunting task of bringing a fair amount of realism to the plot of the movie with all flourish and dogged determination. The storyline develops from a basic plot of an outbreak that finally sends the entire human race into its damnation and demise. This is literally and graphically Hell personified. Cillian Murphy’s character is able to evoke the deepest fears of men as it gives form in the prospect of finding oneself alone and lost in a flick of the finger.


7. Escape From New York


Snake Plissken is your quintessential anti-hero. Amidst the backdrop of a crime riddled futuristic Manhattan, Plissken takes on the daring job of saving the US president from the clutches of a maniacal terrorist group. The movie effectively illustrates where mankind is headed with all the unabated criminal acts that we are witnessing in the present time.


8. Reign of the Fire Dragon


The movie is a take off from mythology as it foretells a future where dragons were wreaking havoc and destruction. Mankind is caught up in this fiery scenario where they are relegated as mere staple of these fire-breathing mythical monsters.


9. Dawn of the Dead, 2004


This movie successfully goes beyond the usual tag of all film projects that are anchored on the story plot about zombies going after terrified men and women. The perfect and balanced mix of gory, suspense and humor make this production one of the most horrific movie ever.


10. The Stand


This movie completes our circle of top apocalyptic movies of the modern times. It is by far one of the best novels that were ever adapted for the silver screen. Though it is a monstrous project that was made as a multi-part TV movie, it is one futuristic movie that comes solid in terms of storyline and production. Stephen King creations don’t always come out great in movie adaptations but this one is one of those exceptions.

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