Top 10 Things That Makes One Attractive

Being irresistibly charming and attractive is not just for the privileged few. Everyone has the equal chance of being chased and pursued when they take to heart the top 10 things to do to become attractive to others.


1. Show that you don’t need much in life

simple man

Being overly eager and anxious about mundane things can be a turn-off. If you are trying too much to pursue and please, the tendency is that they will run and avoid you. Sort your personal and financial issues and you will naturally become attractive and irresistible.


2. Think Big Time. Go Real Big Time

Think Big

One gets the attraction by not even trying if he is focused and self driven in his personal and career goals. The wider the gap of what you are and what you want to be, the greater is the power of your attraction.

3. Fill The Gaps in Your Life


What are your deficiencies and limitations? What are the areas in your life that have ‘holes’ that have to be plugged? In order to do these you have to get out of your comfort zone and raise your standards. You have to resolve your personal and professional concerns and issues. Attraction will not come to you until you are able to set your self up and be ready.


4.  Be Conscious of the events and happenings in your surroundings

Be Conscious

Attraction thrives in what is happening at the moment and it will never come to you in future. Push yourself to respond decisively with the things that are happening at the PRESENT time. Never dwell on the future and hope that the same opportunities will again present themselves. Seize the opportunities while as soon as they become available.

5. Get your inspiration from people who are naturally attractive

Get your inspiration

Some people have it and others don’t. Make sure that you associate with those people whom you can emulate. We are not talking about people who are physically attractive. We are referring to those individuals whose total being are made out of significance substance and have strong pull to other people.

6. Boost your level of awareness

Boost your level

This may sound too trivial for most of us, but believe me, this can be your key to becoming the most interesting and attractive person. You must be aware of what are happening within you as well as in your surroundings. Running blind, which is akin to a headless chicken, will only lead to a lot of frustrations and rejections.


7. Add value to whatever you do and wherever you go

Add Value

Be of value and blessing to others. It is when you become of value and of service to other will you become interesting and attractive to them.


8. Be honest and truthful

Be honest

A person is attractive as long as he is able to come to terms with what he is and what he has. It is only when you are honest and truthful with your dealings with others will you expect to attract the attention of others.


9. Stock up for the rainy days


When you have the time, space and money to spend for yourself and others, you will become a natural magnet to people who are equally as interesting and relevant as you are.

10. Be Definite with what you want to do with your life

Be Definite

Get rid of the “should”, “would” and “ought to be” in your life. Roll up your sleeves and buckle down to work. Procrastination will lead you to nowhere and those persons who spend their time thinking what should have been done end up losers in this race to becoming seductive and irresistible.

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