Top 10 Unforgettable Tennis Matches

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Tennis has produced some of the world’s best known sports heroes and icons. Here are 10 of the most unforgettable matches played by them.


1. Bjorn Borg vs. McEnroe:  1980 : Wimbledon Final

Bjorn Borg McEnroe 1980

When  Bjorn Borg faced John McEnroe, a cocky 21 year old, at Wimbledon, few people realized that they were about to watch an epic match. It lasted 3 hours and 53 minutes and is considered to be one of the finest finals ever played. Borg eventually won the title, but only after playing Wimbledon’s longest tie breaker during the 4th set at 18-16.


2. Nadal vs. Federer  :  July 7, 2008 : Wimbledon Final

Nadal  Federer  2008

There is one more Wimbledon Final which can compete to be among the best finals ever played. The last set of this match was played in near darkness and the umpires had to be given night goggles in order to be able to see the ball clearly. Even though Nadal went on to win this title, it was a match which at any point could have gone to the other way.


3. Venus Williams vs. Lindsay Davenport :  2005 : Wimbledon Women’s Final

Venus Williams Lindsay Davenport

In 2005 Davenport was the top seed and sailed to the finals with fairly easy victories. However in Venus Williams she met her match, and in the longest ever Wimbledon final she was defeated 4-6, 7-6, 9-7. Twice during this game she had match points or was serving for the match, but as she said later, Venus was mentally the far superior player.


4. Bjorn Borg vs. Jimmy Connors: 1977: Wimbledon Final

Bjorn Borg  Jimmy Connors 1977

This match was the confirmation of the Borg era. The five setter final was a touch and go match throughout, and it was a pleasure to watch the advent of Borg’s classy style of tennis. This was his fourth Wimbledon title and he went on to rule the tennis scene for years.


5. Novak Djokovic vs.  Rafael Nadal:  2009: Madrid Semi Finals


In the semi finals of the Madrid Open in 2009, Rafael Nadal came back from a break in the third set to winning the tie breaker at 11-9. He saved three match points during this clay court match, which was a best of three games. The match lasted 4 hours 2 minutes and was the highlight of the tournament.


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