Top 10 Unforgettable Tennis Matches

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6. Bobby Rigg vs. Billie Jean King: September 23, 1973: Houston, Texas


Termed as the Battle of the Sexes, this nationally televised tennis match generated a great deal of interest. Riggs had challenged one of the world’s female greatest tennis players to prove that females played a lesser brand of tennis. However, Billie Jean King was more than a match for him and defeated him 6-4, 6-3, 6-3.


7. Pete Sampras vs. Andre Agassi: 1995:  US Open Final

Pete Sampras Andre Agassi 1995

Pete Sampras was a great grass court tennis player. His finest games were played on these courts and the 1995 final against Agassi was one of his best. Their contrasting styles and temperaments were very much in evidence here, and when Sampras won, he stopped Agassi’s winning streak.


8. Arthur Ashe vs. Jimmy Connors:  1975:  Wimbledon Final

Arthur Ashe  Jimmy Connors  1975

Arthur Ashe’s four set victory over Jimmy Connors on this day surprised everyone on the Centre Court. Ashe was also the first African American to win a Wimbledon title. Ashe defeated Connors, the defending champion and the odds-on


9. Martina Navratilova vs. Chris Evert: 1978:  Wimbledon Women’s Final

Martina Navratilova Chris Evert 1978

This is the day where Navratilova’s reign really began. It was a changing of the guard, her first Wimbledon victory. She went on to win 9 Wimbledon titles and to tower over the women’s tennis scene for many years.


10. Helen Wills Moody vs. Suzanne Lenglen:  1926:  Cannes

Helen Wills Moody Suzanne Lenglen 1926

Moody had not lost a set from 1927 till 1933, except against the French Champion Suzanne Lenglen in Cannes.  She lost the two setter after a grueling match.


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