Top 10 Simplest Flags In The World

Flags of nations and organizations are their symbols of glory and character. Many of the flags are elaborate and detailed, but here are 10 of the simplest flags in the world.


1. United Nations

United Nations Flag

It cannot really be termed to be a country, but it does represent a conglomerate of nations, and is universally recognized as a flag of peace and co-operation. It consists of the official emblem of the organization in white on a light blue background. Blue was chosen as an antithesis to ‘red’ the color of war.


2. Libya – Simple Green

Libya Flag

Libya’s flag is the only flag in the world which is of only one color and has no other insignia or emblem or color on it. Green is the national color of Libya and is also the color that represents Islam.


3. Indonesia – White and Red

Indonesia Flag

This flag has only two colors on it – horizontal stripes of white and red. It is fairly similar to the flag of Monaco, except here the ratio is of 2:3. White represents purity and red represents courage. It is based on the flag of the 13th Century Majapahit Empire.


4. Japan – White Background with a Red Disc

Japan Flag

Another flag based on the white and red color combinations – Japan’s flag has a red disc on a white background. The red disc represents the sun. A similar version of the flag was used in the 15th and 16th centuries, and has been the symbol of some sections of the military for years.


5. Bangladesh – Green Background with a Red Disc

Bangladesh Flag

Another flag that has a red disc in the center is the flag of Bangladesh. Here the disc, which again represents the sun and also the blood of the Bangladeshi martyrs, is placed on a green background. The green is the symbol of the greenery of the country.


6. Palau – Blue Background with a Yellow Disc

Palau Flag

Palau, a tiny Pacific island, also boasts of a flag with a disc in its center. This yellow disc represents the moon, a symbol of peace, love and tranquility. The blue, which most assume to be a symbol of the ocean, is actually representational of the transition from subjugation to independence.


7. Israel – White Background with Blue Star of David

Israel Flag

One of the simplest but evocative flags in the world is the Israeli flag. It is based on the ‘talit’ an ancient Jewish prayer shawl, with the Star of David imprinted in the center. The white background with the blue stripes above and below, has been the pattern on a prayer shawl for centuries.


8. Finland – White with Blue Cross

Finland  Flag

Another very simple but striking flag is the flag of Finland which has a Nordic blue cross on a pristine white background. Using a color combination of blue – as the color of it’s many lakes and seas, and white – the colour of the snow that covers most of the country, this combination has been on their symbols and flags for centuries.


9. Somalia – Blue with White Star

Somalia Flag

Another blue and white combination – but in this flag we have a white star on a blue background. The five cornered star represents the five regions in the Horn of Africa, which form the country of Somalia.


1o. Micronesia – Blue and White Circle of Stars

Micronesia  Flag

In this flag, the blue represents the ocean, and the simple four stars, placed like the points of a compass, represent the four island groups which are a part of the Micronesia federation.


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  1. Ragtag

    What? The united nations flag is not simple, it is elaborate. Lots of lines, lots of details. Israel is also not simple.

    They surely come long after all the “cross” (denmark besides finland and switzerland and and and) and “stripes” flags (germany, france, oodles more) with no other insignias on top.


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