Top 10 Men with the Most Wicked Minds

We can come up with a long list while formulating our collection of the most evil men in human history. Be that as it may, we can easily come up with a few men who stand out from the rest of this most hated league of men who had done great harm and committed the most atrocious acts against mankind. Here is our list of top 10 most wicked men.


1. Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin

It was during the tenure of Joseph Stalin as the supreme leader of the Soviet Union’s Communist Party when Ukraine suffered the worst famine ever recorded. It was even considered by many as an act of genocide committed by the government of Stalin against the Ukrainians. During the reign of terror of Stalin an estimated 10 million to 60 million were reported to have been murdered.


2. Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler is perhaps the most hated man in all of our history. His political strategy of racial subjugation and territorial conquest plunged mankind to World War II which led to the deaths of millions of innocent people. This included the methodical genocide of some 6 million Jews during the dark ages of the Holocaust.


3. Ivan The Terrible

Ivan The Terrible

Ivan IV, who is more popularly known as Ivan the Terrible, was the first supreme ruler of Russia to have used the title of Tsar. In order to subjugate and sow fear in the hearts of his people, he would line up 500 to 1000 men daily. These innocent men were tortured and put to death while he and his son are watching.


4. Vlad Tepes

Vlad Tepes

He is known as Vlad the Impaler. He is remembered for his extreme cruelty during his reign and was in fact the inspiration of Bram Stoker in his popular novel, Dracula. He has employed various types of torture which are strong testaments to the sufferings that his constituents went through while he was in power.


5. Pol Pot


Pol Pot

Pol Pot was the evil leader of the Khmer Rouge and Cambodian prime minister for the period 1976-1979. The Khmer Rouge, with Pol Pot at the helm, has implemented an extreme method of agrarian communism that resulted to the death of over 2 million Cambodians.


6. King Leopold II

King Leopold II

He was the Belgian King from 1859 up to 1909. With the bankrolling by the government, King Leopold created the Free State of Congo. It was a private project by the government at the behest of King Leopold to extract ivory and rubber in the Congo region in Central plains of Africa. King Leopold employed forced labor to operate the project. This has resulted to the deaths of 3 million natives of Congo.


7. Idi Amin Dada

Idi Amin Dada

Idi Amin was a former Uganda army officer before he became president through a military coup that he personally led in January 1971. His reign is renowned for numerous violations of human rights, killings, ethnic persecution and political repression.


8. Ruhollah Khomeini

Ruhollah Khomeini

Ayatollah Khomeini was the supreme leader of the Islamic State of Iran for the period 1979 to 1989. The affairs of the state were managed based on the Sharia Law. Those who opposed his leadership were immediately put to death.


9. Maximilien Robespierre

Maximilien Robespierre

Maximillien Roberpierre was one of the key leaders of the French Revolution and was the main author of the reign of terror immediately after the revolution. Mass executions were committed during this dark period of the post-revolution which led to the deaths of around 40,000 people.


10. Attila The Hun

Attila The Hun

Attila is perhaps the most feared among all the persons included in this list. He is well remembered as the epitome of rapacity and cruelty of the highest order. Despite his near invisibility as a warrior, he met his death in a very unlikely fashion. After being inebriated after his wedding, he literary drowned in his own pool of blood when he developed nosebleed while sleeping.

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8 Responses

  1. Nuhu

    where is osama bin laden, i supposed he is number 11 on the list. iddi amin deserved to be 4th. he is too wicked

  2. John

    How about Mao?
    He killed even more of his own people than Stalin.
    (The crack about G.W.Bush was just juvenile. More Americans have died to free OTHERs, and then RETURN HOME, than any other nation in history.)

  3. Olayiwola Samuel

    The dividing line is: anybody that is not born again
    is likely to have an extremely wicked mind which will
    manifest whwn oppurtunity arrives

  4. nck

    Some loser asked… “where’s george bush”…ok fair enough.

    Where’s your f**ng brain???? You have the right to vote……that is whats wrong with america. They give out the right to vote easier than they sell cigarettes…..pathetic….but NOT as pathetic as YOU.

  5. Grant

    @the guy who said we voted bush so we are responsible for him.
    Ummm…. Iranians put khamoeini in power (he shouldn’t even be on this list, there are too many more evil than him for him to be including Mao, ghengis, mousolini, etc. Most of his “numbers” come from the deaths of Iraqis during a Period of war…). The germans put Adolph in power and most even liked him. The Romanians supposedly admire Vlad. Robspiere was followed by much of the French people. So what I’m trying to say is your argument is extremely stupid! Especially Considering the fact that there was an issue with bush’s election against Kerry….but I guess millions of Iraqis and afghanis mean nothing to you.

  6. Bez

    Extremely well put Grant! Thank you for showing that there are intelligent people also on the www. I agree with you fully. Although Khomeini brought alot of shit to Iran he never commited genocide, the current supreme leader Khamenei is much worse. Saddam Hussein, although a marionette for the u.s. regime most of the time, should take his place om this list, starting 2 wars om neighbouring countries, killing thousands if not millions of iraqis (shias and kurds) and on top of that worshiping Stalin. I almost forgot his two sadistic sons.


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