Top 10 Animals That Recently Went Extinct

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Man will probably go down in history with the most unenviable reputation as the most destructive creature. This article presents the list of top 10 most recent extinct animals as a direct result to over-population and over-hunting.


1. Baiji River Dolphin

Baiji River Dolphin

The significant drop in the population of Baiji river dolphins in the past decades was the result of the unmitigated flow of residential and industrial wastes to the Yangtze River. The industrialization in fishing and transportation and hydroelectric power generation has led to the eventual extinction of the baiji river dolphins.


2. Tecopa Pupfish

Tecopa Pupfish

This fish subspecies is endemic to the hot springs of North Tecopa and South Tecopa in the Mojave Desert of California, USA. The Tecopa pupfish decline started when canals and bathhouses were built in the early part of 1940s.


3. Javan Tigers

Javan Tigers

The Javan tigers are the subspecies of tigers that are found in Java, Indonesia. These Javan tigers were still common during the 19th century and at some point were even considered as pests in Indonesia. However, with the encroachment to their natural habitat by human, their population dwindled significantly until they were finally declared extinct.


4. Bubal Hartebeest

Bubal Hartebeest

These creatures once roamed the regions of the Middle East and Northern Africa in large populations. Hunting of Bubal hartebeest for food and recreation reached destructive proportions and this has led to a greater segment of its population being totally wiped out.


5. Pyrenean Ibex

Pyrenean Ibex

This is one particular creature that was successfully brought back to existence through cloning. Unfortunately, the cloned creature was only able to live for 7 minutes before succumbing to lung failure and eventually became extinct again.


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