Top 10 Animals That Recently Went Extinct

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6. Caribbean Monk Seal

Caribbean Monk Seal

It is the only known subspecies of seal that is found in the Gulf of Mexico and in the Caribbean Sea. This once abundant Caribbean monk seals were heavily hunted for their oil and are slaughtered by most fishermen as they were considered as pests or competitors.


7. Golden Toad

Golden Toad

The first ever documented Golden Toad was the one that was reported by Jay Savage, renowned herpetologist, in 1966. It is a native of the tropical forests of Costa Rica. The last sighting of this toad subspecies was way back in 1989.


8. Passenger Pigeon

Passenger Pigeon

This has got to be the most tragic incident of extinction in our A-List if there is ever one. This type of pigeon was not even near extinction as recently as 2 centuries ago. Rampant hunting of this type of pigeon systematically reduced its population until it finally became extinct.


9. Quagga


The Quagga is a Plains zebra subspecies. Its main distinction from the other types of zebra is the presence of stripes only on the neck, head and the front part of the zebra’s body. This creature was hunted down ruthlessly until it became irreversibly extinct.


10. Thylacine


The thylacine is also known as Tasmanian tiger. The main reason for its extinction is the unmitigated hunting and the encroachment by the human population to their natural habitat.

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