Top 10 Most Bizarre Dining Places

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Fine dining and cooking are always associated to life’s greatest pleasures. This article will break this tradition by presenting to you our interesting list of top 10 weirdest restaurants.


1. Nyotaimori Restaurant

Nyotaimori Restaurant

There is this unique practice in Japanese dining scene known as Nyotaimori. This involves the use of naked bodies mostly of women as the food serving medium. This live sushi platter, if you can call one as such, undergoes extensive training before he or she is made to lie down the table for long hours and totally immobilized while diners feast on their favorite food and everything that goes with it.


2. Hitler’s Cross

Hitler’s Cross Cafe

The Hitler’s Cross is a famous café located in Mumbai, India. It takes on the Third Reich theme quite seriously and even displays prominently the swastika in the restaurant’s logo. However, because of the intense pressure from Israeli and German diplomats and the ADL, the restaurant’s name was later changed to “The Cross.”


3. Modern Toilet

Modern Toilet Restaurant

There is really a Taiwanese restaurant that goes by the name Modern Toilet. Diners are made to seat on a stylish toilet, with the lid down, which has renaissance, seashells or roses accents. The dishes are served in mini-toilet bowls and drinks in plastic urinal which customers can take home as their souvenir.


4. New Lucky

New Lucky Restaurant

The New Lucky Restaurant is the opulent and bustling dining place in Ahmadabad. It is famous for its specialties, the graves, buttered rolls and milky tea in between tables. This unique restaurant was built at the very spot where an ancient Muslim cemetery is sited.


5. Christian Café

Christian Reataurant Shinjuku

Christian beliefs and practices are still considered novelties in Japan. This is the main reason why a Christian-themed restaurant was established in Shinjuku. The Christian Café makes a striking image of habitués drinking cocktails in a party place predominated by elements that are associated with the Christian faith.


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