Top 10 Most Bizarre Dining Places

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6. Hobbit House

Hobbit House Manila

The brains behind this concept restaurant believed that great things come in small packages and sizes. The Hobbit House is located along the busy Malate district of Manila. The Hobbit Restaurant is managed and operated entirely by midgets.


7. Dinner in the Sky

Dinner in the Sky

The Dinner in the Sky is the perfect choice for those who want to get a new high from their dining experience. The diners of this unique restaurant are seated around an enormous table that is perched at high altitude being suspended from a powerful crane. This is a must for those who want to eat with the adrenaline rush.


8. Eternity Restaurant

Eternity Restaurant

If you like to experience dining while being surrounded by caskets, then your dream can be realized in the famous Eternity restaurant in the Polish border town of Truskavets. If you enjoy this morbid dining experience, then this coffin house must be included in your itinerary.


9. Dick’s Last Resort

Dick’s Last Resort

Dick’s Last Resort is a small restaurant and bar in the US which was made famous by its open and liberal use of obscene and obnoxious designs and vulgar staff. If you want some real rough treatment in your dining experience, then nothing can beat Dick’s Last Resort.


10. Dans Le Noir

Dans Le Noir

The literal meaning of the French term “Dans le Noir” is “in the dark.” This is basically what the experience is all about. You will literally be made to enjoy, if that is possible, your dining experience in total darkness.

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