Top 10 Life Important Brands

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6. Sony

TV’s and music systems and the once famous, but now defunct Walkman – Sony has towered over all these sectors. Worldwide they are among the largest sellers of electronic equipment. Now they have also ventured into the fields of TV channels and shows and also the Movie industry.


7. McDonalds


The omnipresent Big Mac can be found in almost every part of this world. With variations in the menu, in order to suit local tastes and flavors, McDonald’s has achieved enormous success wherever it has been established. Burgers and French Fries have become part of the common parlance all over the world.


8. Apple


IPhones and ipods and itouch and Mac computers – Apple has always surprised us and delighted us with their innovative technology and their design capabilities. Even if you do not own a Mac computer, you will have at sometime used their iPods and the iTouch.


9. Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn

For budget travelers worldwide, The Holiday Inn logo has been a welcome sign. Their standardized rooms, their good service and reasonable rates – compared to other hotels, have made them seem like a familiar home. We may not have used them too often, but they are a comforting sight on highways and unknown cities.


10. Starbucks


Coffee has never been the same again after the advent of Starbucks. The familiar green logo, the aroma of freshly ground coffee, and the high calorie but utterly delicious Frappe, has made Starbucks into an international brand name.

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