Top 10 Accidental Discoveries

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6. Potato Crisps/Chips


The chef of a restaurant accidentally discovered these chips and crisps after repeatedly replacing the food that was being served to a particularly difficult customer. After cutting the fries in thin strips, the customer found this new foodstuff interesting. These potato chips became instant hit in the restaurant as well as in the entire community.


7. The Slinky


The slinky was just an ordinary spring that accidentally fell off a table. Marine engineer Richard James observed that the spring tumbled and stumbled in an interesting motion and form. After a series of trials, Richard James was able to perfect its design and come up with a final version of the toy. It became an instant hit when it was finally launched in the market in 1948.


8. Pacemaker


Wilson Greatbatch, an American engineer, accidentally stumbled on a very interesting product after he erroneously used the wrong kind of resistor for his device.

9. Superglue


The superglue was accidentally discovered in 1942 by Dr. Harry Coover while attempting to isolate the plastic component made for the high precision and high performance gun sights.


10. LSD


LSD was developed not by design but by accident by scientist Albert Hoffman. It was during his research for the production of a medicine that can lessen the pain being experienced during childbirth.


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