Top 10 Hyped Up Technologies that Failed to Charm Us

Every once in a while we hear of a new gizmo or technological innovation being launched. These products come wrapped in media hype and multi-million advertising campaigns. Some of them are able to stand the test of time while some just dwindle into oblivion. This list covers the top 10 most hyped up technologies (general and commercially created) that eventually faded from public memory.


1. Manned Space Travel

Manned Space Travel

Manned space travel has to undoubtedly be the most expensive and hyped up technology that has failed. After 1964 when man first went into space, there have been but a few moon and space missions but after almost 45 years, we still cannot see where these space agencies are going.


2. Apple Newton

Apple Newton

Way back in the early 90s, the Apple Newton PDA was launched using a combination of smart and persistent word-of-mouth advertising campaigns. Even though it offered a variety of features, the product still flopped owing to media ridicule and the high cost (700-1000$).


3. Bubble Memory

Bubble Memory

Many of you pen drive fans might not have even heard of this now obsolete memory solution that was released in the ’70s. The foremost companies were then working on this non-volatile magnetic memory technology which was eventually killed by hard disks and now flash.


4. IBM PCjr


Similar to Newton, this gadget was also ahead of its time but unfortunately, it was inferior design that led to its doom. Launched as a low cost computer for education and personal purposes, this IBM product had uncomfortable keys and weird aesthetics.


5. Superconductivity


Perhaps the only technology (apart from space exploration) which still has scope for improvement but remains totally useless in the concept of superconductivity. Essentially, this aims to remove electrical resistance and speed up every gadget in the world but leaving aside a few odd uses, superconductivity remains a sad mystery.


6. Digital Watches

Digital Watches

In the ’80s, buying a digital watch from Japan was considered really cool and many thought that the analog ones would become rare antiques. Guess they were wrong because analog watches still outnumber digital ones.

7. IBM OS/2


IBM’s attempt to create an operating system, this was created to compete with DOS and windows. Even though it could have won the battle with Windows owing to its advanced features, it somehow failed along the way.


8. Internet Appliances of the 90s

Internet Appliances

Created to push mankind into a futuristic lifestyle, many technology companies invested and wasted thousands of dollars into “internet appliances” – to enable shopping right from your kitchen or bedroom.


9. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Without a doubt companies are still trying to create a ‘believable’ virtual reality environment but to no credible success. The latest attempt to fuse a virtual world with the real world is Microsoft’s Natal.


10. iPhone Killers

iPhone Killers

Ever since its release, several mobile companies such as Nokia, LG, Samsung and Sony Ericsson have tried to copy the sleek and feature loaded Apple iPhone, but failed miserably. Even though Apple has had some rough patches with early technological disasters, the iPhone still continues to be immensely popular.

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  1. Tasmanian Devil

    I though the Segway would be up there. There was so much hype surrounding the product even though nobody knew what it actually was. Low sales followed.


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