Top 10 Worst Military Leaders

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6. Maurice Gamelin

Maurice Gamelin

Gamelin is credited for the total defeat of French Forces during World War II. Historians believed that it is not as much as the Germans having won the battle but by the French setting themselves for their eventual defeat because of the poor judgment of Gamelin.


7. William Westmoreland

William Westmoreland

William Westmoreland willingly played into the hands of his Vietnamese enemies. Believing that the battle can be won through what he calls War of Attrition, Westmoreland launched a major offensive now known as the Tet Offensive. This will become as his major undoing and the critical turning point of the Vietnam War which eventually led to serious setbacks in major US military offensives.

8. George B. McClellan

George B. McClellan

George B. McClellan will always remain in history as the commander that held a lot of promise. He is a military leader who promised great successes that was never realized. If at all, this Union Army General-in-Chief is remembered as the military tactician who is the perfect epitome of inaction and indecision.

9. Rodolfo Graziani

Rodolfo Graziani

Rodolfo Graziani earned the moniker “butcher of Ethiopia” after his military campaign in Ethiopia and Libya. He was at the helm of the Italian Royal Army when it suffered its most devastating defeat in the hands of the British Forces.


10. Redvers Buller

Redvers Buller

Buller earned the label of “Reverse” Buller from his troops for obvious and valid reasons. He is easily remembered for his astounding record of devastating reversals in practically all military campaigns that he has led.

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