Top 10 Erroneous Dating Mindsets

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It is relatively easy to fall head over heels to your man, but where will you end up if this happens before you meet Mr. Right Guy? After one too many failed relationships, women tend to develop warped archetypes of dating. In this article, we are going to take a look at the top 10 misplaced dating notions of women which consequently compromise whatever future one may have with someone else.


1. Second Fiddle

Second Fiddle Dating

The eager-to-please and all too accommodating dater who ends up taking the backseat to her partner’s career and golf bag is the person who has lost all sense of reality and self worth after going through the same experience in previous failed relationships.


2. Obligatory Sex

Obligatory Sex

There are women who are the epitome of real-life Sex in the City character. These are the women who use sex for control, for enjoyment and for practically anything except for a healthy and balanced relationship.

3. Soul Mate

Soul Mate

She is your inveterate romantic. She looks at every date with a guy as the “destined one.” She will insist on going into a serious relationship at the drop of the hat.


4. Drama Queen

Drama Queen

This dater is always ready for any challenge, welcomes competition and ends up with tragic fallout. Her love story is one great collection of sob stories of relationships which did not reach first base.

5. Historian

bag lady dating

This dater may also be called the “bag lady.” She is the type who will always dwell on the past and will always bring an emotional baggage to her next relationships with other guys. She has the tendency on venting all her pent up emotions from past relationships on the present one.


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