Top 10 Erroneous Dating Mindsets

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6. Doting Mother

doting mother

These are the type of women who have developed an eschewed perception of their role in their relationships with their men. They have the tendency to take too much space of the relationship and take over the affairs affecting their partners and end up like a doting mom to their men.


7. Boa Constrictor

Exotic Animals

Others even go overboard and end up as the “anaconda.” These are the women who excessively impose on their men. These are the women who have the tendency to hold sway in the relationship and will not leave any stone unturned just to have their way in a relationship.


8. Independent

Independent dating

These are the type women who can’t seem to find any use of the “you” and the “we” in their relationships with men. They are too preoccupied with what they personally believe and want from the relationship that they won’t entertain and consider anything that their men will suggest or request.

9. Optimist

optimist dating

These are the women who refuse to see and accept reality. They are constantly living in a fantasy and they maintain the pretense that what they have in a relationship are all beds of roses. These are the women that do not know how to run from a relationship even if it is already hurting them emotionally, physically and financially.

10. 100% Perfect

perfect dating

These are the women who are always seeking something from their relationship and every time they meet with a man, they will always find faults and shortcomings in the relationship.


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