Top 10 Worst Things To Say To A Car Mechanic

There is a right way and a wrong way of dealing with your car mechanic. In most instances, what you tell him and the way you discuss things with him are just as critical as the quality of service that he is suppose to deliver. Here are the top 10 worst things to say to a car mechanic.


1. Can you take a brief look at my car?


This is a ploy resorted to by most car owners who haven’t made up their mind yet whether they are willing to spend for a serious work up on their car or not. Mechanics will easily see through your motives and would most probably take on a noncommittal attitude towards your request.


2. I wonder what those red lights mean.


Probably your mechanic would be making up his unkind remarks in his mind once he hears you making those dumb statements. Indeed, those red lights are called “dumb” lights for a valid reason.


3. Just do a patch up job as I am going to sell it anyway.


Mechanics have heard this line before and they would greatly appreciate it if you don’t use this line when discussing a repair work with them. It has become a standard joke among mechanics.


4. Can you lend me your screwdriver?


Never borrow the tools of your mechanic and if you find the need to use one, it would be proper for you to provide for a security deposit for the tools that you are borrowing from them.


5. I will fix it myself but I not sure what exactly the problem is.


This is the height of insensitivity and your mechanic will never allow himself to exploited and abused by car owners. You are in effect saying that you are getting his service for the heavy stuff while you take on the simple task to complete the repair job.


6. I can fix it myself if only I have the right tools.

right tools

This is another insensitive remark as it implies that you are hiring his services not for his expertise but because of his tools. If that is the case, then you might just as well buy the tools and do the work yourself.


7. I cannot leave my car now but if you can tell me what the problem is, I will bring it back for repair tomorrow.


Your mechanic will never fall for such crap and it will be better to be honest and straightforward with him about your intentions in asking for his advice with regards to the repair work that your car requires.


8. I would like to fix it myself but I just don’t have the time.


Stop using this line and making lame excuses when discussing things with your mechanic. You should be ashamed of yourself when you admit that you are not able to take care of your car.


9. Change the oil? Do I really need to do that?


Don’t ever use this line as you are making a fool out of yourself. You appear to be such a dumb person every time you make statements that are similar to this one.


10. My car is making some funny noise but now it is gone. What do you think is the problem?

driving exaust smoke

As a responsible car owner, it is your responsibility to provide accurate and complete information to your mechanic. Giving vague and incomplete information would only result to a more expensive work as he will have no choice but to check every nook and cranny of your car just to determine the exact problem.

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