Top 10 Longest Running Sitcoms in Television History

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Sitcoms or situational comedies are the mainstays of most Television channels, since they are generally the most popular shows. From drama to romance and even war, sitcoms have covered all emotions evocatively. These are the longest running sitcoms in television history.


1. Last of the Summer Wine

Last of the Summer Wine

The longest running sitcom worldwide has been the British TV sitcom ‘Last of the Summer Wine” which has aired since 1973. Based on the lives of a group of old men living in a village in West Yorkshire, it has been applauded for its sympathetic portrayal of people in the autumn of their years and for its emphasis on family based humor.


2. Simpsons


Well into the 20th year of their existence, the Simpsons is an animated series which specializes in the lampooning the American suburbia lives. A highly dysfunctional family, based on the family of its creator Groening, it has dealt with issues ranging from religion to politics and to environmental problems.

3. The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet


Even though this sitcom was taken of the air in 1966 after 435 episodes, it has still retained its position as the longest running ‘live action’’ sitcom in US television history. Its depiction of the lives of the real life Nelson family has made it an enduring all time favorite.


4. King of the Hill

King of the Hill

Named one of the top 100 greatest television shows of all times by TIME, this animated series is centered on a small town in Texas. It relies on humor based on real life situations and has been FOX channel’s longest running show.


5. My Three Sons

My Three Sons

Fred MacMurray made his mark with this sitcom about the life of a widower and his three sons. It was the cornerstone of CBS for many years and its basic storyline was always based on the three boys. Even when one of the sons got married, he had triplet sons, thereby maintaining the Tagline for some more years.

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