Top Ten Drugs and Chemicals with Weird Effects

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6. Catnip


Those who have tried smoking it have experienced a dragging and a buzz that is akin to what one experiences when smoking pot. Some even prefer it over pot because of the mint aftertaste making it easier to smoke.


7. Saffron


This yellow-orange flower is primarily used as food additive. It is also known to have hallucinogenic effect that is similar to that of opium. Historical documents have shown that ancient Minoans, Greeks and Persians have ingested drinks infused with saffron for its hallucinogenic effect and as an aphrodisiac.




The DIPT directly affects the auditory functions and individuals who ingest it experience audio hallucination which can last for up to 2 weeks. The experience generally leads to distorted or lower pitched sound.


9. DDT


This pesticide which has now been banned in most countries can produce effects that are somewhat similar to Ecstasy. In fact there was a popular drug cocktail during the 1950s known as Mickey Slim which is made of gin laced with small traces of DDT.


10. Anafranil


This is a downer that produces a very interesting side-effect. Those who have taken this anti-depressant reported that they experience orgasm every time they yawn. In fact, a lot of people have been taking this regulated drug primarily to experience deliberate orgasm!


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