Top Ten Best Selling Music Albums

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6. Dirty Dancing  –  various artists
Dirty Dancing  various artists

This album was the original soundtrack of the film of the same name and achieved the platinum status 11 times. It spent 18 weeks as Billboard’s #1. The music and the film were best sellers all the way through.


7. Whitney Houston  –  Bodyguard
Whitney Houston  Bodyguard

Winner of the Grammy award for the best album of the year in 1992, this album featured 6 songs sung by Whitney from her film Bodyguard and also songs by other artists. Whitney’s song “And I will always love you “, went on to become her signature song.


8. Andrew Lloyd Webber – Phantom of the Opera
Andrew Lloyd Webber Phantom of the Opera

A musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber, it had lyrics by Charles hart and Richard Stilgoe. It is the longest running Broadway musical, and a sequel is expected to be staged in 2010. The musical has won several awards for its music, and the sales of its album testify to its timeless appeal.


9. Backstreet Boys – Millennium
Backstreet Boys Millennium

This album was the American Pop Group Backstreet Boys biggest success. None of their other albums matched the meteoric rise of this album.


10. BeeGees  –  Saturday Night Fever
BeeGees Saturday Night Fever

A trio of brothers, the BeeGees have been a pop phenomenon for over 40 years. Their recording of the original soundtrack of the John Travolta hit film in 1977 has been their largest selling album.

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