Top 10 Assassinations That Shook The World

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6. Martin Luther King Jr.
Martin Luther King Jr

The man who spearheaded the American Civil Rights movement, Martin Luther King had been in the forefront of campaign to end racial discrimination in the United States. He was killed by James Earl Ray, while he was standing on the balcony of his motel room in Memphis on April 4th 1968. His death was followed by racial riots in many parts of the country.


7. John Lennon
John Lennon

One of the founding members of The Beatles, John Lennon went on to make a name for himself as a solo artist and also as a peace activist. He was shot dead on the steps of his home in New York, by David Chapman in 1980. The reasons behind this assassination are still not clear, even though Chapman was arrested and convicted of the crime.


8. Indira Gandhi
Indira Gandhi

She was assassinated while she was the Prime Minister of India, by her own Sikh bodyguards, as a repercussion to her campaign against the separatists in the Sikh Holy Shrine, the Golden Temple. Her death triggered off violent riots in Delhi and adjoining areas.


9. Malcolm X
Malcolm X

Malcolm X was a Black Muslim leader and the power behind the Black Power movement in the 1960s and 1970s. He advocated radical measures to regain the respect due to the African Americans and led them through turbulent times. He was killed by members of the Nation of Islam who objected to his joining the Sunni Muslims.

10. Lee Harvey Oswald

Lee Harvey Oswald

His assassination on full view of nationwide television by Jack Ruby, was not of great political significance, but it left unanswered many questions about JFK’s killing. Oswald had been charged with assassinating Kennedy, but the trial had not yet begun, when he was killed in the Police Headquarters in 1963.

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