Top Ten Religions – According to the Number of Adherents

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6. Judaism  – approximately  15 million

The Jewish religion is based on the principles embodied in the Tanakh and the Talmud. They believe Abraham to be their patriarch, and they still follow the covenants laid down between him and God. Today they have three groups – Orthodox, Conservative and Liberal.


7. Bahai  –  approximately 7.5 million

Mirza Husayn Ali founded this religion in the mid 19th century. They believe that all religions teach the same truth, and they include Mohammed, Jesus and Adam among their prophets. They lay a lot of stress on peace, education and equality among sexes.


8. Confucianism  –  approximately  6.4 million

The sage Confucius taught a set of political and ethical tenets in 600 BC, which later became the foundations of Confucianism as a religion. It has had a major influence on East Asia even till the present day. There are no dogmas attached to this religion, and most worship centres around offerings to those who have died.


9. Jainism  –  approximately  4.5 million

Founded by Mahavira  (the latest among a long line of teachers), it is one of the oldest religions in the world. They do not believe in earthly possessions, and do not pray to any God. They seek enlightenment through self denial and through a life of austerity and charity.


10. Shintoism – approximately 3 million

Shintoism originated in Japan and has its foundations in Buddhism and other Chinese religions. They believe in a variety of Gods, and do not have a set of written dogmas to follow. They trace their origins to 300 BC.

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