Top Ten Weirdest Food Ingredients

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Food is one of the greatest pleasures of mankind. Though most often it is a source of delight; it can also be considered by some as curse. Here is our interesting and sometimes shocking list of top 10 odd ingredients in foods today.


1. Poop


The skatole is a major ingredient of poop. Skatole comes from the Greek root word “skat” whose literal meaning is “dung.” This is the same root word for “scatology” which is the study of feces! This is commonly added to several kinds of perfumes, cigarettes and strawberry ice creams.


2. Human Hair

Human Hair

L-cysteine is the type of amino acid that is very common in baked products. It is used primarily to soften the dough and provide elasticity. It is present in doughnuts, cookies, breads and bagels to name a few. The most practical way of producing this amino acid is by extraction from human hair. There are also reports that soy sauce in China is produced using human hair.


3. Beaver Ass

Beaver Ass

The juice from the beaver ass is a popular flavor enhancer primarily for raspberry products as this anal juice, which is referred to as castoreum, gives these foodstuffs it rounded flavor. This is also the same ingredient that is found in chewing gum and cigarettes.


4. Cigarettes

Pack of cigarettes, close-up

Yes, you are right – cigarettes are also being ingested. This is practiced by some people particularly in places where smoking is banned. This people resort to drinking what is known as “nicotine tea” which is usually a bottle of vodka or brandy that is added with cigarette.


5. Bugs


Bugs are used to produce two popular red colorings. These are carmine and cochineal. The bugs are usually boiled in water and the level of redness depends upon the length of time it remains immersed in boiling water. One will have to boil 155,000 bugs just to produce 2 pounds of the red food coloring.


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