Top Ten Weirdest Food Ingredients

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6. Varnish


To be very specific about it, we are referring to shellac which is a popular varnish during the period 1880 to 1930. This type of varnish was commonly used then for the mass production of candies and baked products in order to produce a nice luster for the finished products.


7. Coal Tar

Coal Tar

There was a time when the amaranth was popularly used as a food dye. However, because it was later determined to be highly carcinogenic, it was replaced with Allura red AC which is a derivative from coal tar. Although this type of food dye is not carcinogenic, it can cause some side effects like vomiting to some people.


8. Borax


Borax is primarily used as an insecticide, fire retardant, ingredient in detergent and glass, and treatment of horse rush. It is banned as food additive in the US although there are countries where it is still used as a food additive.


9. Viruses


The US FDA has approved in August of 2006 that use of bacteriophage in the preparation of several types of food products. This virus is added to meat products in order to kill pathogenic bacteria which can cause food poisoning.


10. Gold


This has got to be tops when it comes to bringing stylish and lavish lifestyle to the extreme. Gold is used in food primarily for decorative reasons. It is also laced in traditional German and Polish liquors. Gold is an inert material and has no nutritional value. It passes through our digestive system unaltered. Ergo, one can get an extra when ingesting gold laced foods– golden excreta.

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