Top 10 Most Unusual Deaths

Deaths are one of the inevitable events in our lives. In this article, we will be looking at the top 10 strangest indications of our mortality that have been recorded in history. Here is our list of the top 10 most bizarre deaths.


1. Francis Bacon

January 22, 1561 to April 9, 1626

Francis Bacon, a world-renowned philosopher, statesman and creator of English essays, is remembered as the brains behind the “scientific method” which is still widely used today. His death was a result of an experiment he was doing to determine if snow can preserve meat in the same way that salt is used. The experiment was a failure and he died of a serious case of pneumonia due to prolonged exposure to freezing weather.


2. Horace Wells

January 21, 1815 to January 24, 1848

Horace Wells was a successful dentist during his time. He was a native of Vermont and earned his doctorate degree in dentistry in Boston. He is one of the first medical practitioners who used anesthetics. He specifically used laughing gas or nitrous oxide as anesthetic in treating his patients. After a series of misfortunes and setbacks in his personal life and professional career, Wells took his own life by inhaling a considerable dose of chloroform before slitting his throat.


3. Tycho Brahe

December 14, 1546 to October 24, 1601

Tycho Brahe is a famous astronomer and alchemist. His pioneering study on the motions of the planets was the main reference used by Sir Isaac Newton in developing the gravitational theory. His death shows that brilliance does not always mean common sense. Leaving in the middle a banquet is considered as socially unethical during his time. Despite having a very weak bladder, Brahe chose not to relieve himself. Because of his reticence to ask for a leave, his bladder got severely strained and this led to his eventual death.


4. Attila the Hun
Attila the Hun

406 AD to 453 AD

Attila the Hun, a fearless and notorious warlord, died of nosebleed while sleeping right after his wedding. He is known to be a brilliant tactician and many cowered in fear by the mere mention of his name. Attila had a grand wedding celebration in 453 AD and had one too many drinks that he failed to notice he developed nosebleed while sleeping. He literally drowned in his own pool of blood.


5. Aeschylus

525 BC to 456 BC

Aeschylus died when he got hit on the head with a tortoise that was dropped by an eagle. Aeschylus literary creations have survived the test of time. Yet a little known fact about him is the strangest manner by which he met his death.


6. King Adolf Frederick
King Adolf Frederick

May 14, 1710 to February 12, 1771

His Majesty Adolf Frederick, King of Sweden during the period 1751 to 1771, died from eating pudding. He is known for his excesses in his eating habits. This has finally led to his death after eating 14 servings of Semla, a pastry made out of wheat flour. The King apparently succumbed to a terminal case of indigestion.


7. Grigori Rasputin
Grigori Rasputin

January 22, 1869 to December 29, 1916

Grigori Rasputin died of drowning after surviving being bludgeoned, stabbed and shot at in previous occasions. Rasputin is an erstwhile peasant who fortunately earned good favor from the Russian royal family by coming to the aid of the hemophiliac Prince Aleksey.


8. Isadora Duncan
Isadora Duncan

May 27, 1877 to September 14, 1927

Isadora Duncan died of asphyxiation by strangulation and broken neck. She died of accidental strangulation that eventually resulted to a broken neck when her scarf got entangled on the wheel of the car that she was riding.


9. Christine Chubbuck
Christine Chubbuck

August 24, 1944 to July 15, 1974

Christine Chubbuck committed suicide during a live performance on TV. She took her life by shooting herself on the head with a revolver while the camera was rolling during an episode of her very popular public affairs show, Suncoast Digest.


10. Sharon Lopatka
Sharon Lopatka

September 20, 1961 to October 16, 1996

Sharon Lopatka met her tragic death by choice. She unbelievably offered herself to be severely tortured and eventually murdered. This happened in the guise of experiencing the ultimate sexual satisfaction.

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  1. Frida

    Yay, two Swedes made the list (Tycho Brahe and King Adolf Frederick) and they died in so stupid ways, makes me feel really proud of my origins :’p

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