Top 10 Great Inventions That Went Bad for Mankind

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This article takes us to the list of several great inventions that could have redefined human history in a more positive way. Unfortunately, these top 10 great inventions that have gone bad is a painful proof about the frailties of man and how he can bring harm and catastrophe to himself and to others. The people who were responsible for these inventions had noble intentions. Unfortunately, their inventions ended in the wrong hands.


1. Ecstasy

ecstasy pills

Ecstasy was developed by Anton Kollisch when it was extracted as by-product of a drug that he was researching on to control abnormal bleeding. It never gained serious attention until it started to become a favorite drug of dance clubs habitués. It was during the era of the Rave culture that it became the drug of choice. It is considered as one of the four top illegal drugs that are responsible for numerous deaths every year.


2. Concentration Camps

Concentration Camps

The original intention of Frederick Roberts for setting up refugee camps is to provide refuge for innocent civilians who have been displaced by the Boer War. However, when Lord Kitchener to over the helm of control from Frederick Roberts; the former used these refugee camps to break the uprising by committing untold atrocities against innocent civilians. It was estimated that more than 26,000 women and children met their painful and harrowing end in these concentration camps.


3. Rockets

V2 rocket

The rockets were conceptualized and developed primarily to realize the lifelong dream of man to explore the vast outer space. Unfortunately, the NAZI used the knowledge of Werner von Braun in developing V2 rockets which eventually killed 7,250 military staff and about 20,000 slaves who were involved in the construction of these rockets.


4. Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear Fusion

The curiosity of Sir Marcus Laurence Elwin Oliphant in determining if a hydrogen nucleus can be made to react with another hydrogen nucleus, paved the way for the development of the hydrogen bomb. The hydrogen bomb is a weapon of mass destruction that has the capability of doing damage of cataclysmic proportions.


5. Sarin Gas

Sarin Gas

Dr. Gerhard Schrader accidentally discovered tabun and sarin while researching on a new generation insecticide in his effort to help mankind combat poverty and hunger. He is now remembered, not by his positive contributions and intentions, but by being the father of sarin gas.


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