Top 10 Costliest Luxury Foods

Making this list turned out to be more difficult and complicated than it was originally expected. However, we were able to come up with a fairly good list of top 10 most expensive food items. The list was formulated based largely on the tag prices and to a certain extent, the degree of opulence that is associated with these luxury foods.


1. Beluga Caviar


Beluga caviar holds the distinction as the being the world’s most expensive food stuff. The caviar is actually the fish roe of the Beluga Sturgeon which are normally found in the Caspian Sea. Beluga caviar could cost you over $1,000 for a 16 ounce tin.


2. Saffron


Saffron is considered as the costliest among all food spices with prices easily breaching $2,000 for every pound of saffron. Saffron is from the three styles and stigmas of the flower crocus. The style and stigma are individually handpicked and it is quite a task to collect thousands in order to make an ounce of this very expensive spice.


3. White Truffles


These truffles come from underground tubers and are popular for their stiff prices. It has a distinct odor which is somewhat similar to walnuts that were deep fried. The truffles are the most expensive among those that belong to the ascomycetes family.


4. Kobe Beef

Kobe Beef

Kobe beef comes from the Wagyu cattle that are reared and raised in Japan’s Hyogo Prefecture. The breeding is done following a secret and traditional Japanese practice. The Wagyu cattles are fed with a combination of grain and beer. This feeding method leads to a more tender type of beef that can rival any other kind of beef products that are available in the market.


5. Bird’s Nest

Birds Nest Soup

The bird’s nest is a very popular delicacy in China and is considered as the most expensive food that comes from animal products. It is commonly served as a soup although it can also be prepared as sweets.


 6. Fugu

Fugu Dish

Fugu refers to the popular Japanese dish made of pufferfish. In fact, the literal meaning of the word “fugu” is pufferfish, a very deadly dish when it is not prepared correctly. The person preparing this dish must have to go through a strict certification and training as a mere pinhead of the poison of the pufferfish is all that it takes to kill a person.


7. Foie Gras

Foie Gras

It comes close to caviar and is acclaimed as one of the finest cuisine available. It comes from the liver of geese or ducks and is prepared using the method known as gravage.  Grade A frozen Foie Gras is about $45.00/lb wholesale.


8. Lobster


The lobster belongs to the family of crustaceans and provides a $1.8 B business a year. Lobsters are harvested on sandy, muddy and rocky bottoms along the shoreline and towards the edges of the continental shelf.


9. Matsusake


The term “matsusake” is the Japanese collective term for a certain type of mushrooms. The matsusake has been an important part of Japanese tradition and is practiced for over a thousand years already. A kilogram of the highest grade of matsusake can fetch a price of $2,000.


10. Oysters


The term “oysters” refers to several kinds of mollusks that thrive on brackish and marine water. These are generally served raw and for a long time in past were believed to have aphrodisiac effect.

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  1. Pilar

    Do you know about Spanish Pure Iberico ham, from pigs that live in special meadow and only feed on acorns? they are for sure one of the top foods of the world, and at EEU price from 800$ to 2000$ a piece, experts say, they are so exquisite that are worth every dollar.


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