Top 10 Erroneous Beliefs About Catholicism

There are probably millions of these misconceptions associated with the Catholic Church if we are going to document all of them. In this article, we are presenting the top 10 false notions about Catholicism which include the widely written and common misconceptions about the Catholics and the Church.


1. The Papacy is a mere creation of man during the medieval times

The Papacy

The strong evidences that establishes the falsity of this common belief are the passages in the Bible and in other Christian documents that prove that Jesus appointed Peter as the “rock” from which the “Church is built.” Peter is considered as the first Catholic Bishop of Rome and has assumed the position until he died in 64 AD.

2. The Catholic Church added their own writings to the Bible

The Catholic Church

This notion was mainly due to the disparate versions of the Catholic and the Protestant Bible. The Old Testament in Catholic version has seven more books than the one used by the Protestants. In reality, these 7 books in question are included in the official list of books that are recognized by all Christians and these were actually removed by Martin Luther  during the period of reformation of Protestants.


3. All Catholic priests are unmarried

Catholic Priest and Wife

Priests of the Eastern Catholic are allowed to marry but once married; these priests can no longer qualify to become bishops. There are also precedents where married pastors from other churches become priest when they convert to the Catholic faith and still retain their married status.

4. The Catholic Church was created by Emperor Constantine in 325 AD

Emperor Constantine

The imposition of the Edict of Milan in 313 AD by Emperor Constantine paved the way for the removal of all prohibition in the practice of the Catholic Faith. This misconception was due to the mistaken allusion to the creation of Council of Nicaea in 325 AD which was thought to have created the Catholic Church.


5. Sins can be forgiven with indulgences

sins forgiven

This misconception was due to the abuses committed by bishops where they have used fake indulgences in order to extract money and material wealth from those seeking redemption and forgiveness for their eternal sins.

6. The Catholic Church is against science and oppose the theory of evolution

Catholic Church and Science

This is patently false. In fact, the Catholic Church is credited to a lot of major scientific advances in the past and in the recent times including the Big bang theory which was proposed by Monsignor Lemaitre. The Catholic Church, unlike the Protestant Church, has never made any direct statement against the evolution theory.


7. The Pope has absolute infallibility


Roman Catholics believe that the infallibility of the pope is not absolute. Specifically, the infallibility will not apply in instances where the pope speaks of issues relating to science. One good example is the issue on Heliocentricity. However, if the pope speaks on matters that pertain to religion and faith, Catholics consider this as the equivalent of God’s Word.

8. Catholics can not be considered real Christians

Real Christians

This is absolutely false. In fact, the Catholics are the first Christians. If you will closely review the Christian writings, you will clearly find out that the doctrines and teachings by early Christians are actually based on the doctrines and teachings of the Catholic Church.


9. Catholics are committing idolatry as they worship Mother Mary

Mother Mary

A person who kneels and prays in front of a statue can not be considered as worshiping the statue in the same way that we don’t consider a protestant committing idolatry while worshiping the Bible. These statues only serve as reminders to Catholics of the holiness of persons that are being depicted.


10. The Catholic Church does not encourage reading of The Holy Bible

Holy Bible

This myth was propagated in the past by those who surmised that the Church don’t encourage the reading of the Bible because the Holy Book remained hidden and locked away in most instances. However, the real reason why the Book remained hidden from public eye is because the Church wants to keep it from being stolen.

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    “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”
    Mohandas Gandhi

  2. John

    “actually removed by Martin Luther King. . . .” I don’t think MLK was around during the reformation. Please correct this to read, “Martin Luther.”

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